Terms of Use

Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) are an agreement between you and NARGY ELLAS which provides medthyme.com (hereinafter “Thyme”). The Terms specify the rules of use on your part of the Website as well as the relevant content, goods and services (hereinafter collectively the “Content”) offered by Thyme.

Your use of the Content is permitted only with your acceptance and compliance with the Terms. If you do not agree or cannot act in accordance with the Terms, you do not have the right to access or use the Content. If Thyme does not exercise any right or provision of the Terms, it is not a waiver of that right or provision. If you do not wish to be bound by the Terms, you may terminate the Content immediately.

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Privacy Policy

Consult the “Privacy Policy” page to find out how Thyme collects and handles your personal information. “Privacy Policy” is incorporated with reference as part of the Terms of Use.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Consult the “Terms and Conditions of Sale” page to find out the rules governing remote shopping in Thyme. “Terms and Conditions of Sale” are incorporated with reference as part of the Terms of Use.

Age restrictions

You must be 18 years of age or older to make purchases in Thyme. If you are under the age of 18, you should ask your parent or guardian to make the purchases for you.

Use of Content

You may use Thyme and Content solely for your own benefit and agree not to use them for commercial use or to support any other person or entity.

You agree to act in accordance with all regulations, policies and procedures of the networks and systems used to provide the Content.

You may not use the Content:

  • to collect or store personal information about other end users
  • to restrict or prevent any other user from using the Content
  • to forge any person or entity
  • to declare false information and mislead your relationship with a person or entity
  • to advertise or offer or sell any goods or services unless you have written consent from Thyme to do so
  • to upload, transmit or distribute malicious, malicious or disturbing code (viruses and other similar programs)
  • to access or disconnect computers and / or system networks used to provide Content
  • to participate in or facilitate any illegal activity

Links to other sites

Content may include links to other sites. Thyme will try to give you an indication of when you are leaving Content, but there may be times when you may not be able to do so. Thyme bears no responsibility for the content, accuracy or views expressed on other sites and such sites are not explored or monitored for their accuracy or completeness by Thyme.

The inclusion of any link in the Content does not imply endorsement of the Linked Site by Thyme. If you decide to leave Thyme and gain access to any third party website, you do so at your own risk.

Comments on Content

Thyme has the permanent, unrestricted right to use and share with third parties any questions, comments, suggestions, ideas, or other information you provide about its Content, modification or improvement (comments, feedback). This information is considered non-confidential information.


Product names, logos, signals, phrases, icons, texts, software, information and other materials available as part of the Content, including indications of the appearance and feel of the site and the information provided by it, are protected by copyright, trademarks, and other copyright laws and belong exclusively to Thyme.

All other material included in or accompanying the Content is protected by copyright of third parties. In any case, the appearance and display of the above in Thyme should in no way be construed as a transfer or assignment of an express or implied license or right to use them.

Intellectual property is acquired without the need for any further formulation and without the need for a contract or prohibition clause against its infringements and is protected in accordance with the relevant provisions of Greek and European law and international conventions.

Unless expressly specified in these Terms, you may not use, copy, distribute, view or modify the Content.

You agree to access the Content only through the interface provided by the Website for access to the Content. You agree not to use automated means (indicatively: agents, robots, scripts, spiders, screen scraping tools) to access, monitor, download or copy any part of the Content unless the Thyme has previously given your written consent.

General waivers

Thyme cannot be guaranteed and does not promise specific results from the use of the Content. The use of the Content by you is solely your responsibility. Thyme is not responsible in any way for any loss or damage, including personal injury or death, resulting from the use of the Content by anyone.

Thyme can, at its discretion, modify or suspend the capabilities, availability, function, appearance and / or feel of the Content without notifying you.

Thyme does not guarantee or pledge that it will always be able to protect and keep the Content safe from third party actions and / or error-free or that the Content will be available at any time from any particular or any other site.

Thyme is not responsible for any problems or technical malfunctions other than its proper control, including telephone / data / line network outage interruptions, internet problems, malfunction of the online payment processing provider (Bank) or the service provider (service provider) Provider) or the ISP.

Denial of responsibility

The information, instructions and general advice of the Content do not replace the medical advice of a healthcare professional and are intended only as a general report and further exploration. Do not overlook, avoid or delay receiving medical or health advice from health professionals due to the Content. We encourage you to consult a qualified healthcare professional before using any of the Content’s products.

Advances in medical research may affect the information contained in the Content. It cannot be assured that the Content information will always include the latest findings or developments regarding this material. Thyme has made good faith in collecting and presenting this Content information, but does not guarantee its accuracy or completeness.

Thyme does not recommend or approve specific physicians, procedures or views that may be mentioned or included in the Content.

The Content includes information on specific products offered by Thyme, does not provide information on toxicity levels or possible interactions with prescription drugs or other items.

If you think you have an illness, medical condition or an emergency, call a qualified healthcare professional right away.

The use of the Content is solely your responsibility.

Damage due to use

Under no circumstances will Thyme be liable to you or to a third party for any indirect, incidental, exemplary, accidental, special or punitive damages, including damages for any lost profits or lost data resulting from the use of the Content by you.

Requirement due to use

You agree to indemnify and retain Thyme, its staff and associates without prejudice to any damage, loss, liability or claim, including reasonable remuneration of lawyers arising from any claim, action, research or process performed or created by any third party due to or due to the use of the Content by you.

Users from other countries

Thyme does not state that the Content is suitable or legally available for use in locations outside Greece. If you have access to the Content from countries outside Greece, you are solely responsible for complying with all local laws.

End of access

Thyme may terminate or suspend your access to the Content and these Terms at any time, without notice, if you violate any provision of these Terms. In the event of termination, the sections of these Terms which provide for your continued obligations will remain indefinitely.

Changes to the Terms of Use

You understand and agree that Thyme may modify these Terms at any time without prior notice and such modifications will be valid upon posting of the new Terms on the Website. You agree to revise the Terms periodically so that you are aware of any modifications. Continuous use of the Content after any modifications indicates acceptance of the modified Terms.

The last update of the Terms of Use was made on April 21, 2020.

Applicable law

These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with Greek law. Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with these terms will eventually be resolved in Greek courts. The competent courts for any disputes arising in connection with your personal data are the Courts of Athens. If it is judged by a competent Greek court that some practice should not be applied, then its application is stopped, without this affecting the application of the remaining practices.


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