Weight Management

The Effect of Olive Leaf Extract

Although more studies are needed, research shows that olive leaf extract has many promising results in the fight against obesity.

Olive leaf extract could help with healthy weight loss because it helps stimulate the body’s metabolism and break down fat in the blood. Incorporating the extract into our diet can help in effective weight management.

Research Results

In a study with animal models, it was found that supplementing their food with olive leaf extract had an anti-obesity effect. Two groups were fed a very high fat diet as part of an obesity diet. The group that took the olive leaf extract showed less weight gain than the other group that did not have the olive leaf extract. (1)

In addition, what was observed is that the diet supplemented with the extract, reduced bulimia for food intake by 26% in the treated group. (1)

According to the study, the olive leaf extract has a molecular effect and it can regulate the expression of genes involved in fat accumulation. (1)

Reducing visceral fat can lead to reduced free fatty acids (FFA) levels into plasma. This means less lipid oxidation in the liver and eventually this leads to lower triglyceride levels (especially LDL) into plasma. (1)

In the same year, another different study was done which also showed that the group that had olive leaf extract in its diet gained significantly less weight than the control group. (2)

The results were confirmed by an even later study in which the group that received the extract, eventually had lower body weight and improved metabolism(3)

Another study showed that taking a natural product containing citrus extract and olive leaf extract helped improve fat metabolism(4)

The positive effects were also observed in overweight adults. In a relevant clinical study, it was observed that olive leaf extract improved their insulin sensitivity and lowered their blood pressure. At the end of the trial, it was noted that all the inflammatory markers that were measured and associated with obesity were decreased. (5)