Beneficial Bacteria

Does Olive Leaf Extract destroy them?

No case has ever been reported in which olive leaf extract destroys, reduces or removes beneficial bacteria from our body.


The human body contains about 100 trillion cells. Of these, only 10% belong to our body (they are human). The other 90 trillion are bacteria, viruses and various other microorganisms.

In our body many important functions are performed by beneficial bacteria without which our body could not survive. For example, there are certain types of bacteria that help us digest and without them we would not be able to digest our food.

In addition to the beneficial, good bacteria, there are also bacteria that are hostile, pathogenic, cause problems and gradually wear out the human body. There are many hostile types of bacteria that are constantly entering our body. When our bodies can retain an abundant variety of beneficial bacterial colonies, these colonies deprive water and nutrients of pathogenic bacteria and thus prevent them from multiplying and harming us.


If olive leaf extract where to causes the destruction and reduction of good bacteria, especially those present in the gut, we would see an immediate reaction of our body that would manifest itself with diarrhea.

It has never been reported in a medical report a case where someone who had consumed olive leaf extract eventually ended up suffering from diarrhea or any other side effect that is caused by a reduction in beneficial bacteria.

Olive leaves and olive oil have very similar phytochemicals and have been part of our food chain for thousands of years. Over this long period of time our good intestines bacteria have adapted to these foods and are not affected by their antimicrobial properties. The result is that the olive leaf extract is targeting  hostile without affecting the beneficial bacteria.


The olive tree (olea europaea) is a very hardy plant because it has developed a specific blend of phytochemicals that protects it from fungal, insect, bacterial and disease attacks and helps it survive for at least 10,000 years almost unchanged.

These ingredients are part of the leaf extract enabling the protection of our body as well.


Because olive leaf extract does not destroy good bacteria, we can consume it at the same time as probiotics. It doesn’t matter if we take it at the same time, long before or after probiotics.