Cardiovascular system

The Effect of Olive Leaf Extract

With its anti-inflammatory action, olive leaf extract helps reduce bad cholesterol, triglycerides, narrowing and stiffness of the arteries and generally contributes positively to overall cardiovascular health.


Researchers believe that olive leaf extract can have a positive effect on atherosclerosis and narrowing of the arteries, which is the highest risk factor for heart disease.

High levels of total cholesterol and especially bad cholesterol, are risk factors for developing this disease.

A study in animals evaluated the effect of the extract on their cholesterol levels. Animal receiving the extract for eight weeks had significantly lower cholesterol levels. (1)

The compounds found in olive leaf extract are able to prevent oxidation of bad cholesterol which causes plaque deposition in the arteries and leads to a higher risk of coronary heart disease. (2)

These plaques increase the risk of atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases. Daily supplementation with olive leaf extract reduces triglyceride levels, further reducing the risk factors for developing heart disease. (3)

Blood Pressure

Olive leaf extract can lower blood pressure in people with hypertension. (…)

Cardiac Health

Olive leaf extract improves vascular function by reducing arterial stiffness. Consuming it daily can reduce atherosclerosis, stroke, heart attack, blood pressure (hypertension) and other cardiovascular diseases. (4) (5)

Studies have shown that the healing properties of oleuropein and hydroxytyrosol found in olive leaf extract have a protective effect on the heart. They strengthen the heart muscle to keep the heart healthy. (6)

Oleuropein increases the amount of nitric oxide, which in turn helps to increase blood flow and lower blood pressure. It has been founded that the olive leaf extract has an anti-inflammatory effect on the cardiovascular system. (7)

Studies review indicate that oleuropein in olive leaf extract has cardio-protective properties. (8) (9)