Fungi, Bacteria, Parasites

The Effect of Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf extract is not panacea, however one of the main advantages of regular use of the extract is that it has a wide range of antimicrobial properties capable of helping the body defend itself against infections from viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Infections caused by Fungi

Olive leaf extract contains polyphenols (natural antioxidants) such as hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, oleuropein and their by-products which have strong antifungal properties.

These compounds can kill fungi, especially those that affect the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract. In a study with laboratory-grown Candida Albicans and liquid olive leaf extract, within 15 hours of treatment, about 15% of Candida was destroyed. Olive leaf extract was toxic to Candida Albicans and Candida Neoformans. (1)

The findings of another study showed that the hydroxytyrosol compound in olive leaf extract was effective against the fungus Candida Albicans. (2)

Infections caused by Bacteria

Research has shown that olive leaf extract has an antibacterial effect in treating stomach ulcers. The extract is good for eliminating H.Pylori infections that cause ulcers on the inner walls of the stomach. (3)

In a comprehensive review of medical studies on the medicinal use of olive leaf extract, the researchers concluded that it has a high antibacterial effect. For example, olive leaf extracts have been shown to be effective against bacterial strains such as Staphylococcus Aureus, E. coli and Salmonella Typhimurium. The results of the study demonstrated the use of the extract as a natural treatment drug. This includes treating diarrhea, skin conditions and urinary tract infections. (4)

The aim of yet another study in 2017 was to investigate the antimicrobial effect of olive leaf extract against major foodborne pathogens, such as Listeria Monocytogenes, Escherichia Coli and Salmonella Enteritidis. The results showed that the extract almost completely inhibited the growth of these three pathogens. In addition, it reduced cell motility in L. Monocytogenes (which was associated with the absence of whips) and inhibited the proliferation of L. Monocytogenes and S. Enteritidis.. (5)

Infections caused by Parasites

Olive leaf extract helps fight certain parasitic diseases in a natural way.

A 2017 study found that olive leaf extract has antiparasitic action and showed that the large number of phenolic compounds it contains has a toxic effect on certain parasites such as Leishmania Major. (6)

This parasitic infection can result in skin ulcers and infections. In the study, after 4 weeks of treatment, the signs of leishmaniasis had disappeared. (6)