The Effect of Olive Leaf Extract

Arthritis is a disease characterized by local inflammation of the joints and destruction of cartilage, resulting in loss of function. Bibliography has shown the beneficial effect of olive tree (Olea europaea L.) and its products on the development of arthritis.

Anti-arthritic Effects

The results of a research showed that olive leaf extract is an effective aid against arthritis. The extract, acting through a mechanism of reducing inflammations, can be beneficial for the treatment of osteoarthritis in humans. (1)

In a study, they examined animal models that were injured. Two groups were created for examination. Only the first group was given olive leaf extract along with drinking water. What was observed was that in this particular group the treatment was faster compared to the second which did not receive the extract. This was an indication to researchers for the anti-arthritic effects of olive leaf ingredients. (2)

Olive and its derivatives have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and also enhance the cellular process of autophagy. For these reasons they are suitable candidates for use in therapeutic interventions against osteoarthritis. On their own or in combination with other approaches, such as physical activity, they could be used to slow the progression of osteoarthritis for at-risk individuals. (2)

During the process of autophagy, the cells recycle their damaged molecules, are renewed and functionally maintained. Under normal circumstances, autophagy allows our body to get rid of useless elements, stop cancer growth and prevent inflammation such as osteoarthritis and metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes.