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The Natural Way to Life and Wellness Take advantage of the valuable macrobiotic foods that nature offers us. They are rich in beneficial bioactive compounds, able to regulate metabolic processes and act as antioxidants. NATURAL MACROBIOTICS POSITIVE EFFECTS 100% Natural Extract from Wild Olive Leaves It contains the complete spectrum of compounds that nature encloses in the olive leaves. Hydroxytyrosol, oleuropein and other bioactive ingredients have unique properties that are beneficial to our body. OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT POSITIVE EFFECTS

The Natural Way to Life and Wellness

Take advantage of the valuable macrobiotic foods that Nature offers us.



Natural Macrobiotics

We believe in encouraging people
to find out more about the benefits of natural foods.

We believe in encouraging people
to take action so as to have
a balanced natural diet.

We believe in encouraging people 
to benefit from natural foods, especially those associated
with overall health and longevity.

We believe in encouraging people 
to take action so as to live a balanced healthy life.
This is possible and there are many examples to show that it is.

Health is a sign of physical balance

— Thyme, Natural Macrobiotics

In order for our body to function properly, we must provide it with beneficial substances and in the right proportion while avoiding harmful substances.

Many people believe that health and life expectancy are largely determined by genes. However, their diet, lifestyle, and environment play a more crucial role in determining the above than they think.

Our body is a biochemical organism made up from ingredients that we receive with our food. The regeneration, evolution and improvement of our body over the aeons was influenced by the food that we consumed. Life in our body is adapted and based entirely on the composition and proportion of compounds contained in natural foods.

For the thousands of compounds in our body, there is a delicate balance that keeps us healthy. Vitamin A increases iron absorption, but high levels of vitamin A reduce vitamin D intake. High levels of vitamin C inhibit the absorption of copper, perhaps because it increases the absorption of iron, which competes with copper and the high levels of one may lead to inadequacy of the other.

The problem today is that most of the food on offer is artificial and not natural food, thus the balance of the ingredients that we intake is not the right one or the required ingredients are non-existent.

Today, many of the foods offered to us are not suitable for our body. They may have undergone such treatment that they have lost almost all of their beneficial ingredients. They may be even genetically modified. They may have been chemically treated with chlorine, artificial preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavours, while extra sugar or salt may have been added. Artificial vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids are manufactured in laboratories and advertised as mimicking the way natural ingredients work in our bodies.

For some, whose diet is based on non-natural foods, the result month after month is the gradual breakdown of the body which initially manifests itself with various signs of deregulation and results in chronic diseases.

... this, we can change it